The Challenge.

All businesses can agree: customer loyalty is priceless. But how do you effectively identify why customers are (or aren’t) loyal to your brand so you stay competitive, retain existing customers, and attract new ones? How do you reach more customers for feedback, take up less of their time, and engage them in a more natural manner? How do you boost your online reputation with more positive reviews while heading off negative sentiment before it hits the internet?

Fast, Natural and Effortless.

pulseM is a revolutionary technology that offers effortless and natural customer engagement, allowing you to take the pulse of your customer or employee base in seconds. The best part? pulseM engages in a way customers and employees are used to, leveraging technology they rely on every day and enjoy using, increasing take rates and the likelihood you’re receiving honest, emotional feedback. pulseM provides actionable intelligence, allowing your business to leverage quality feedback to make informed decisions about how best to serve your customers.

It’s fast, natural and trendy! Engage customers on a device they use everyday and integral to their daily lives. Send pictures, bios and online reviews through SMS and e-mail.

Boost social media impressions and increase positive social media reviews once service is complete!

Send a feedback campaign immediately after service. Customers can speak or text their true emotion! Capturing real sentiment will help understand how best to serve your customers and address/improve internal processes.

Address negative online sentiment before it hits the internet! Happy customers who get their issues resolved tell 4-6 people about their experience.

Reward employees while holding them accountable and identify employees who may need more training!

Most surveys typically yield a 1%-3% take rate. With PulseM, you’ll double – or even triple – normal take rates. Achieve 50%+ engagement rates!

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